How to tell if a cat is cold or not ?

Cat owners, have you noticed that your cats’ expressions seem a bit chilly lately? Don’t worry, maybe they really feel cold!

☑️ Touching the Extremities

When you touch a cat’s ears, paw pads, and the tip of its tail and they feel colder than usual, it’s a signal that the cat feels cold and uncomfortable.

☑️ Body Posture

When cats tuck their paws and tail under their bodies, known as the “loaf” position, it’s not only a common resting posture but also a way for them to reduce heat loss.

☑️ Nuzzling Behavior

Whenever cats gather together or choose to stay on you, while such scenarios may seem like cozy interactions, they might actually be seeking warmth.

☑️ Seeking Warmth

When cats feel cold, they often actively seek warm spots in the home, such as sunny windowsills or areas near heaters, to ensure they stay comfortable during chilly times.

☑️ Curling Up for Warmth

When cats feel cold, they often curl up into a ball, using their tails and fur to wrap around their bodies to maintain body temperature.

☑️ Fur Condition

When cats feel cold, their fur stands up, forming a protective layer. This is also why we often observe “goosebumps” on their bodies.