About us

GAHD® (Global Advance Healthcare Device) is the product brand founded by GIC (Global Instrumentation Corp.) in 2022. GAHD® is one of the leading medical device brands in Taiwan, with a strong focus on portable handheld meter-and-strip based whole blood analyzers for point-of-care testing by using the method of electrochemical detection from a tiny whole blood sample.

The GAHD® palladium electrode test strips are specially made and designed by us and our American technical partner using our unique, advanced patented test strip technologies, including high precision thin film deposited electrodes techniques (sputtering and laser etching) for depositing the circuit on the GAHD® test strips to give higher accuracy, precision, consistency and reliability test results for blood testing.

Brand Story

Our company has over 20 years of global human medical equipment manufacturing solution experience to ensure continuous and improved human healthcare and nursing. However, we recognize the shortcomings in animal health management, with the development of the animal healthcare system far from being as comprehensive as the human healthcare system, resulting in inconsistent healthcare quality. Therefore, we have decided to establish our own brand, “GAHD® — Global Advance Healthcare Device”, which not only increases society’s demand for healthcare but also promotes home care for animals.

We firmly believe in the concept that prevention is better than cure, advocate the concept of “one health”, and emphasize the close relationship between human and animal health. Our goal is to promote the popularization of precision healthcare and to expand its reach to vulnerable populations and remote areas worldwide, aiming for greater improvements in both human and animal healthcare.

Company Mission

GAHD® (Global Advance Healthcare Device) is a 100% Taiwan-based enterprise established by Global Instrumentation Corp., which has 20 years of OEM, ODM design, and manufacturing experience. Our Taiwan-made products not only meet the general market demands but also emphasize ensuring product quality exceeds market standards. We have received technical support from renowned medical partners in the United States in the aspects of research and development and production. We consider continuous improvement in production and research as our company’s goal.

Furthermore, we are committed to creating cost-effective products to address the trend of medical accessibility, making them affordable for vulnerable populations. Our mission is to popularize precision healthcare for the general public.



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