How do guide dogs distinguish between red and green lights?

In fact, dogs are indeed color blind, but that doesn’t mean they can’t play important roles, such as guide dogs. How do they navigate between red and green lights to guide visually impaired individuals?

The visual system of dogs differs from humans. They primarily perceive shades of gray and yellow-blue colors, with little sensitivity to red and green hues, due to fewer types of cone cells in their retinas compared to humans. While this deficiency in color perception exists, dogs excel in low-light vision, making them see clearer in the dark, which is one reason why they navigate better at night.

Despite being color blind, guide dogs are still able to discern between red and green lights at busy intersections, thanks to their specialized training that cultivates exceptional intuition and reaction time. During training, they learn to recognize the shape, brightness, and position of traffic signals, ensuring visually impaired individuals can safely cross the road.