Cat’s Gratitude?

I believe many cat lovers or friends who frequently care for stray cats have experienced this “cat’s gratitude” moment! In ordinary days, you may unexpectedly find surprise gifts on your bed, bedside, or at the door, such as mice, cockroaches, geckos, and more. At such times, we often face a dilemma: should we accept this gesture or reject it?

Is the act of cats giving gifts a way to express gratitude and reciprocation? In reality, cats do not possess the concept of “reciprocation”; such ideas are more of a subjective speculation on the part of humans.

☑️ Treat you like a child

Mother cats take care of kittens that have not yet developed hunting skills or are in the process of learning; this caregiving behavior has been passed down through generations.

☑️ Want to take care of you

Cats see you as a part of their life, recognizing that you lack hunting abilities, so they take the initiative to assume the responsibility of taking care of you.

☑️ Gifts that cats often bring

Mice, cockroaches, small birds, geckos, spiders.

☑️ When receiving such gifts

It is recommended to praise the cat and discreetly handle the gift when received, avoiding loud exclamations to prevent them from feeling hurt.