Frenchie Bulldogs 4 Key Traits

French Bulldogs, these little companions, have always been beloved for their unique characteristics. Now, let’s take a look at the four key traits of these adorable dogs:

1. Suitable for urban livin

The French Bulldog is considered one of the most human-friendly dog breeds. Despite their slower pace, they typically exhibit friendly and gentle traits when interacting with other dogs, avoiding attempts to assert dominance. It’s worth noting that they have relatively low exercise needs, requiring less time for walks, making them an ideal choice for people living in urban areas.

2. Highly sensitive personality

Although they may appear a bit goofy, never mistake them for being unintelligent. If you shout at them or scold them loudly, they can feel extremely disheartened. In fact, research indicates that about 80% of French Bulldogs are highly sensitive to their owners’ language. Positive expressions of praise and encouragement contribute to their overall health and happiness.

3. Long-distance travel is a challenge

Many airlines refuse to transport French Bulldogs due to their short noses, which can lead to various respiratory issues during flights. Additionally, the combination of high-altitude pressure and unsuitable temperatures poses challenges for this breed; hence, they are declined for transportation.

4. Expressing emotions in a gentle manner

French Bulldogs express emotions in a rather quiet manner. Unlike other dogs that release emotions through barking, they tend to prefer behaviors such as gazing, drooling, and yawning to communicate their needs. Additionally, French Bulldogs are considered somewhat homebodies, with relatively low exercise requirements.