Can animals predict earthquakes?

Can animals predict earthquakes? While there is currently no concrete scientific evidence proving animals possess earthquake sensing abilities, they do exhibit some unusual behaviors before an earthquake occurs.

Many experts believe that animals might be able to sense smaller-scale earthquakes, possibly due to their sensitivity to the Earth’s magnetic field. Therefore, they may perceive certain abnormal phenomena before an earthquake happens.

  • Real-life Case

Before the earthquake struck on March 11, 2011, on Cat Island—Tashirojima in Japan, a group of cats gathered together, emitting vocalizations and hastily running towards the highest point on the island. These abnormal behaviors caught the attention of local residents, who also assembled on the high grounds of the island, ultimately fortunately avoiding the potential disaster of the earthquake and tsunami.

  • Scientific Experiment

In 2013, a farm in Germany conducted an animal earthquake perception experiment. Scientists selected 6 cows, 5 sheep, and 2 dogs, equipping them with sensors and biologging devices for testing. The study revealed that after a total of 18,000 earthquake simulations, regardless of the earthquake’s intensity, these animals exhibited an excited and fearful behavioral pattern before the earthquake occurred.