Why do Chihuahuas always love to bark?

Why do Chihuahuas always love to bark? Actually, there are reasons behind it!

  1. Related to Brain Structure

Due to their extremely small size, their brains are relatively petite. This compact size results in higher cranial pressure, causing some physiological stress and making their emotions more sensitive.

  1. Want to Drive Away Threats

Naturally alert, they are particularly sensitive to subtle sounds in their surroundings. When they sense anything unusual, they start barking. Even though their aggressiveness is limited, they hope to deter threats through barking.

  1. Emotional Insecurity

Typically of a timid nature, this leads to a lack of emotional security, causing them to become sensitive and nervous. This insecurity can result in some intense behaviors, such as excessive barking.

  1. Health Issues

Compared to other dogs, their bodies are relatively fragile, making them more susceptible to illnesses. When they feel unwell, they seek assistance from their owners and express this need through barking.